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vine indoor plant Seven Flowering Miniature Bonsai Trees That Add Color and Enliven Your Indoor Spaces

A demanding plant to nurture and not all varieties perform optimally in just any setting.

Whether indoors or outdoors, miniature bonsai trees are without doubt an attractive addition to any decor. They are a sight to behold, especially, given our human inclination towards nature.

These miniature bonsai trees are not just fun to look at but are also able to revivify a living room, an office space, the lounge, or a waiting room, and effortlessly bring out positive vibes, especially at a time when biophilic design trends are flourishing.

Miniature Bonsai Trees Have Numerous Benefits

Bonsai, the ancient art of training trees has been steadily growing ever since the inception of the trend at least a thousand years ago in China, and despite the lots of work it takes to establish and maintain them, people are still willing to invest in them.

Bonsais can be planted alone or grown as part of the plant diversity that forms a biophilic design in both outdoor and indoor spaces. And they come with a host of benefits, not just in the beautifying of the space on which they are, but also to the occupants and those who use these spaces.

Bonsai tree with red leaves.
Photo: Pexels

These miniature trees are capable of purifying the oxygen in a room, lowering blood pressure, creating a relaxed aura and mind, reducing the vibes of psychological stress, and enhancing the well-being of people.

Flowering Miniature Bonsai Trees Can Enliven Your Interiors

Indoors, bonsai trees also have the benefit of enhancing humidity in the environment and hence reducing occurrences of conditions such as dry and chapped skin, sore throats, and even coughs.

A bonsai tree with orange-colored leaves.

On a spiritual and personal growth level, bonsais are believed to enhance patience, given the long durations it takes to nurture them. They also spark one’s creativity, create a greater sense of self-awareness; more like what meditation and yoga would do to someone, and create a sense of compassion.

Bonsai trees are a demanding plant to nurture and not all varieties perform optimally in just any setting. Bonsai experts note that these trees, in fact, love the outdoors where they get full exposure to all the growth requirements for plants. 

A potted miniature tree.
Photo: Pexels

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