Philodendron Florida Beauty


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How should a philodendron Florida Beauty be cared for?

Philodendron Florida Beauty requires weekly watering. It is a relatively hardy and forgiving plant, but it will continue to experience if the soil becomes too dry, and too much water can cause root rot, also known as wet feet. The top two inches (50mm) of soil should be dry before watering.

 prevent the Florida beauty from reverting?

All that remains is to remove all of the new green leaves. You can either propagate or discard these, and even though pruning them away is your best bet for avoiding complete reversion. After that, move this same plant to a brighter location with more indirect or direct sunlight, depending on its needs.

 increase the variety of Florida beauty?

How can I increase the variety of my Philodendron Florida?
Give it the appropriate amount of light. Light is an important factor in the evolution of Philodendron Florida.
Adjust the watering and humidity levels.
Fertilize on a regular basis.

What distinguishes Philodendron Florida Ghost from Philodendron Florida Beauty?

They both have the same leaf shape. The Florida beauty is a variegated pedatum with dark as well as light green splotches on each leaf. The ghost, in the other hand, has all white ‘ghost’ leaves that grow out the top of the plant and darken as they mature.



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